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Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm System

Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm System

Fire Safety is the most essential of all Security systems irrespective of the space domain. Fire Safety measures are vital and enforced under the law to be mandatory in many domains including Schools, Hospitals, Hotels and Commercial areas with high footfall. At PHINCO,we offer comprehensive services in Fire Safety management to effectively maintain round the clock vigilance to ensure the protection of people and physical assets and the services include:

  • Active Fire Protection System
  • Detection System(Addressable, Semi addressable, conventional and VESDA)
  • Water based Suppression System(Wet riser system (internal and external), Down comer system , Deluge system, Sprinkler system.(Wet and Dry), Water Mist System , Fire extinguishing system, Fire compartmentalisation system, Fire pump house design, Pressurization system design, evacuation modeling/ fire safety plans.)
  • Gas based Supression systems(Novac 1230, FM200, Inergen )
  • Public Address system(IP based , conventional)
  • Passive Fire Protection system
  • Measures for protection system, Fire sealent.
  • LPG reticulation system.

We take pride in our commitment to customer care. Our experienced and extensively trained associates are on-call to meet your needs, monitoring the safety and security of your business, 24 hours a day, seven days a week – because emergencies happen.

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