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Firmly Established Among India’s Leading Measuring & Control Instrumentation And Automation Solution Providers. Today, PHINCO Plays A Major Role In India’s Life Sciences Sector. Our product line is extensively used in the pharmaceutical and Reality industry’s production, quality control, raw material analysis, warehouse, FG, and other departments.


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Without a keen understanding of the market, innovation is meaningless. In order to deliver high-performance outcomes, we at PHINCO work to translate technology developments into specialised solutions for our clients. This has been made possible by our capacity and commitment to “listen” to global technological developments, our clients’ requirements and expectations, as well as our own creative voices. As a result, our goods and services can support our customers—over 350+ clients at the highest levels of quality and technology in a marketplace. 

At Phincoeng, we understand the paramount importance of security for businesses in the retail, corporate, and industrial sectors. With a commitment to excellence, we offer top-notch security solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your industry. Our expert team is dedicated to safeguarding your business and ensuring peace of mind.


PHINCO Engineering is known for providing its highly regarded clientele with security systems for over 10 years, making it a pioneer in the field. With the ideal balance of Design, Coherence, and Reliability at Affordable Prices, PHINCO offers Customized and Streamlined Security solutions. A strong team of professionals who excel at the Design, Supply, Commissioning, Erection, Testing, and Servicing of Fire and Safety Surveillance Systems in various areas makes up PHINCO.

Innovation for ten years. Ten years of steadfastly seeking excellence. Ten years of conquering difficulties and barriers. The path so far for PHINCO has been one with adventure, innovation, and success.

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